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Hans Walter-Peterson

Hans Walter-Peterson

Team Leader, Viticulture Extension Specialist

CCE Yates County
417 Liberty Street
Suite 1024
Penn Yan, NY 14527

phone 315-536-5134
cell 315-521-8789
fax 315-536-5117

Areas of Interest
Vineyard nutrition, canopy management, soils, vineyard mechanization, grower & winery relations

Hans Walter-PetersonMy program focuses on providing information to growers on viticultural practices such as vineyard site selection and establishment, selection of grape varieties, rootstocks, and training systems, canopy and crop load management, soils, vineyard nutrition and water management, and improving vineyard management efficiency. I am also working with Cornell's extension enologists to help grape growers and winemakers better understand each others' issues in order to improve working relations between the two groups. 

Upcoming Events

VineBalance 2022: Ecosystem Health

November 30, 2021

Sustainable farming is a holistic approach that acknowledges the interconnection between agriculture and natural ecosystems. Encouraging a healthy ecosystem in and around the vineyard is essential to soil health, biodiversity, and pollinator habitat.

VineBalance 2022: Climate Resiliency

December 7, 2021

Climate resiliency involves a set of practices and capacities that are known to help withstand climate change at the farm level through carbon sequestration, adaptation, and risk mitigation. It is important for growers to understand the science of climate change and build resiliency measures into their environmental, social, and economic management strategies.

VineBalance 2022: Social Equity

December 14, 2021

Social equity addresses the "people" component of the so-called Three P's of Sustainability: people, planet, and prosperity. This can be achieved through thoughtful human resource management, employee benefits, and worker health and safety measures.


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