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Grape - Winter Content


Nitrogen uptake, partitioning and utilization of Concord grapevines

Hans Walter-Peterson, Team Leader, Viticulture Extension Specialist
Finger Lakes Grape Program

April 11, 2017

Final Report to the NY Wine & Grape Foundation and Viticulture Consortium-East on research conducted by Dr. Lailiang Cheng and Dr. Terry Bates on the seasonal uptake and distribution patterns of nitrogen in Concord grapevines. This work provided a more thorough understanding on the dynamics of nitrogen use by grapevines, especially about the timing and importance of different sources of N for grapevine growth and development. This research has led to updated recommendations on the timing of application of N fertilizers and on the amount that is needed by most vineyards. This has led to a reduction of the amount of supplemental nitrogen fertilizer applied in many vineyards in New York, which has had a positive impact on grower profitability and environmental sustainability.

Nitrogen uptake, partitioning and utilization of Concord grapevines (pdf; 70KB)

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